Holly Grape


Holly Grape Flower Essence eases hyper-vigilance and teaches responsiveness instead of reactivity.  This essence encourages the setting of healthy boundaries, and gives a feeling of safety so the relaxation response can occur, signaling restoration and healing to the body.


Holly Grape | Flower Essence | Safety Through Healthy Boundaries

Botanical Name: Mahonia bealii

Family: Berberidaceae

Holly Grape flower essence fact sheet

Message from Holly Grape Flower Essence

Our lesson is one of self-protection, while still sharing with the world in general. It is an interesting issue, for many humans have challenges with this. The lesson of appropriate boundaries is one that is often distorted through your early experiences with family or others. Don’t forget that they were taught the same way – this is a multi-generational problem.

It is a matter of setting healthy boundaries, so that you might thrive, but not need to constantly have your guard up. To be constantly “prickly”, reactive – this is not the same as healthy boundaries. This is a sign or wounding and distortion. You require the aid of other beings to accomplish your mission on this plane. It is extremely worthwhile to heal the distortion in your boundaries so you can give and take in health.

For a being in reactivity is a being never at peace. There is always a mechanism operating – a radar constantly pinging away.  The human comes prepared with a guidance system – the overactive radar short circuits the proper function of the natural care system. The proper system keeps you safe and protected by gently guiding you towards the things and situations that are best for you.

What we are trying to communicate is – the system can be repaired and reset to proper function. This is how we can help. You note that our bark is still pliable – our form is soft and at ease, our leaves have prickles to guard from inappropriate taking. This signature teaches that you can have healthy self-protection, but it doesn’t need to be constantly active. It is needed only when it is needed, so to speak. It is not constantly acting, not constantly running.

You can use the proper system and stay in safety. The feeling of safety is peace, not hyper-vigilance.  Relax into safety. A feeling of constant guardedness shows the incorrect system is active. Learning to utilize the “correct” system, as it was designed to  guide you – is the best way to keep a healthy body. Running the “radar” system at all times is extremely damaging and will greatly shorten your existence on this plane.

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