Siberian Yarrow


Siberian Yarrow Flower Essence helps you create healthy boundaries to outside influences so your energy field stays strong and intact. Encourages harmonious co-existence and the sharing of space and resources.


Siberian Yarrow | Flower Essence | Healthy Boundaries

Botanical Name: Achillea sibirica

Family: Asteraceae
Siberian Yarrow flower essence fact sheet

Notes from the Garden

This plant is happily growing where most yarrow would not – it grows in the shade, under trees and mixed in with other herbaceous plantings. It’s message helped me understand the qualities of this particular essence, which are distinct from essences made from other Achillea species.

Message from Siberian Yarrow Flower Essence

Your concern for us, growing as we are in the shade, is not necessary. For we can fulfill our function in any circumstance, it need not be in circumstances free of any “outside” influence. For what you cannot see from your perspective is that, growing in the soil of the earth as we do, there is nowhere that does not have these influences. There are always other life forms to live in harmony with. We can help your kind to live in better harmony with other beings of all kinds. A being who resides in what you see as “your space’ is not necessarily intrusive or disruptive to your growth, you see. He is simply sharing the area with you – it is (and should be) a cooperative experience. This is the way the system on this plane works – no one is separate from others, and this is how it should be. For anyone trying for the monastic ideal will quickly find him or herself unsupported – for we all depend on other beings for our survival and especially for our growth. Being in “nature” in “solitude” you are surrounded with conscious/sentient beings. You notice how uncluttered you feel, the grounding, but it is important to realize you are assuredly not alone. Our essence will help you to co-exist with all beings, as we do, finding the harmony in co-existence and sharing of space and resources.

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