Lavender Aster


Lavender Aster Flower Essence encourages the celebration of your accomplishments as part of a healthy rest and rejuvenation cycle. It teaches the importance of honoring the hard work you have done. This essence empowers you to offer gratitude to yourself for a job well done, and engage in a time of restoration and integration.


Lavender Aster | Flower Essence | Celebrating Accomplishment

Botanical Name: Aster ageratoides var yezoensis

Family: Asteraceae
Lavender Aster flower essence fact sheet

Message from Lavender Aster Flower Essence

As the seasons shift to a time of quiet, contemplation and rejuvenation, we celebrate the end of a productive time. For all the work that has been done in this time of growth – it is important to celebrate. It is not right to simply say, OK, something was accomplished, and then move on. It is important to celebrate the accomplishment and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. It is part of the process to give gratitude to oneself – the soul deserves love and gratitude too. For all the aspects of you work as a team, and all must be celebrated. It is appropriate and good to “bask in accomplishment”. It is part of the resting and rejuvenating cycle. Culturally, you are conditioned to keep going, growing, growing and doing, accomplishing, moving forward. But this ignores a very important phase – to look back on what you have done, to give thanks to yourself and to all that have helped in the process, and to rest appropriately. Life will be infinitely more joyful if you do and it is proper to live joyfully. Work and effort are good, but rest and recovery are as well. It is a picture of imbalance to spend too much time in one state and not enough in another. The system is designed to be in balance, and that is where health resides.

There are many forms of accomplishment. What you perceive as trials, difficulty, loss – these are lessons and accomplishments too. For you move through these experiences learning and growing along the way. These are also reasons for celebration and gratitude. For you may never have consciously wished for these lessons, on the soul level they were an appropriate part of the learning experience. The world of spirit has compassion for your suffering, but we also see the great joy in the journey.

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