Artemesia flower essence helps you release ego-based expectations that cause frustration. Through this you can allow the unfolding of experiences that are far greater and more joyful than you could otherwise imagine. Opening to partnership with Spirit allows you to create magic in your life.


Artemesia | Flower Essence | Releasing Frustration

Pronunciation: ar-tuh-MEE-zee-uh

Botanical Name: Artemesia momiyamae

Family: Asteraceae

Artemesia flower essence fact sheet

Message from Artemesia Flower Essence

The refusal to release expectations dims the joy of your actual experience, the experiences that can come to you if you are open to them. For holding an intention, a strict idea of how you want things to turn out, cuts off the magic that Spirit wishes to create with you. For the partnership with Spirit, and your openness to experience will be far better than anything your ego could create.

The feeling of desires is not wrong, but the interpretation of these feelings, the calcification into form of what you think will be – that is the problem.  For you will receive glimpses into the future, of things you will co-create – but do not get hung up on their form. For they are very likely to change over time as the actuality comes into being through your physical efforts, and the efforts of others who also have involvement in this grand plan.

The tight grip of an expectation stops the energy from flowing in health. By holding the ideal of greatest good you can release specific expectation and allow that which is best for all to flow into the space. This is true for all healing work – the one “doing the healing” must simply create a space for the soul to pour through to heal itself. 

The need to grip onto an expectation, as many tend to do, is a false idea. That through your will you can create – this is a false creation. Some are quite good at this – but still it is a hollow creation. To truly create – you open to the best impulses of your team in Spirit – and the higher selves of others to create a fully formed creation that has spirit and inspiration within it.  This is the kind of creation that is best for all, and creates the greatest light on the planet.

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