Angelica Tree


Angelica Tree flower essence helps you maintain strong grounding and healthy boundaries from non-serving influences. Supports you in spiritual growth and expansion experiences through solid energetic connection and grounding with the earth. Aids in connecting to others of like mind to serve your growth process.


Angelica Tree | Flower Essence | Grounding and Boundaries

Botanical Name: Aralia elata
Family: Araliaceae
Angelica Tree flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Angelica Tree flower essence:

Our energies aid in the incarnation, the grounding, the embodiment – the ability to connect higher thought or ideals into daily life. For beings who are challenged by embodiment – they tend to feel vulnerable in their bodies. The spines on our bark and stems show how to embody safely without worry of inappropriate influence. For those whose defenses have been damaged by traumatic life experiences, we can teach them to grow appropriate defenses.
When the being has lost connection to their source energies, our essence can be helpful to reconnect and help restore the spirit.
Our gesture is one of expansiveness and embrace of verticality, while defending the core and base. Being expanded can be a vulnerable condition. Those who seek this state often do much preparation to protect their immediate environment from incursion or disruption. We teach a manner of expansion, while maintaining strong grounding and shielding of the core of the body from non-harmonious influence.

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