Okinawan Holly


Okinawan Holly Flower Essence helps us open our hearts to others and realize we are a part of a greater whole. It addresses the polarities of separation vs interdependence, allowing us to release our fears of lack and habits of contracting instead of sharing. Through this we have greater awareness that when we help others, we are helping ourselves as well.


Okinawan Holly | Flower Essence | Open Hearted Sharing

Botanical Name: Ilex dimorphophylla

Family: Aquifoliaceae
Okinawan Holly flower essence fact sheet

Message from Okinawan Holly Flower Essence

The lesson to humanity in this essence is one of unity. You are not separate from others. This is the first, most damaging idea you hold as a group. For all beings are interwoven, interdependent, and eternally linked. The concept that you are independent and accountable to no other than yourself is flawed. It is a useful blind spot – for it can be the source of much industry. But, as an end point, it is lethally flawed.

This delusion is strong in your country. Many of your citizens forget they are part of a greater whole. This is harmful to them in that they cannot hold this idea and be in harmony with their own body. It is a fearful posture – a reactive position they hold.

Our form displays this mindset – for we hold our flowers in, a human hand is pricked trying to reach them. Our foliage is inedible to grazers passing by – touch us not, we are in our own world. The female of our species takes a softer position – fewer prickles, rounder leaves. Note that it is she who carries the fruit, our offering to the world we live in. The fruit is produced in abundance, for the other species who share our world. It is provided without the same guarding that the male shows. 

In the positive polarity of our lesson, one learns to become unguarded in his being, willing to share resources and heart and action.

The two polarities is a profound statement of our unique expression. It is part of the lesson we carry on this plane, and a significant indicator of our healing gift. This polarity of guarding/open, male/female, energy/openness is the focus of our lesson.

We can also aid the shift in perspective from fear of others/self-protection and general lack to openness, sharing and willingness to give of oneself to aid others. We allow the awareness that in helping others, we are actually benefiting ourselves – because we are all a part of each other.

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