Père David’s Maple


Père David's Maple Flower Essence Helpful for those who fear or avoid being touched. Resets the nervous system to receive healthy and nurturing touch and restores the natural enjoyment of touch.



Père David’s Maple | Flower Essence | Healing Touch

Botanical Name: Acer davidii

Family: Aceraceae
Pere David’s Maple flower essence fact sheet

Notes from the Garden:

The Père David’s Maple is part of the family of Snakebark maples, named for their remarkable bark patterning. This particular species is named in honor of the Jesuit missionary, Père Armand David.

The essence made from the flowers of this tree have been useful for those who shy away from touch. I have used it with good results with animals who have been handled roughly, or never learned to enjoy being petted or groomed.

Message from Père David’s Maple Flower Essence

We open communications with you through the medium of touch. Touch is not what your culture may make of it. The intimacy of gesture does not need to be threatening, this is the woundedness speaking (of the individual and also of the culture). There are many cultures where touch is as important as breath, as eating. The type of being you are thrives on touch and your culture is deprived in this way. It is sad to see the shrinking away of touch, or reactiveness toward it. It is a healthy thing to touch and be touched by others. The culture imbues it with a certain forbidden nature, that it is to be invaded/or invade oneself by touching. And of course touch can be misused (by those who have injury to this natural function, you see) for those who injure or show disrespect by touch are injured in this way. The human being was not designed to be isolated, untouched. This has dire consequences to the health of the organism. Many processes take place through this simple thing, touch, hormonal and electrical processes, that signal health to the body. These processes are disrupted through the lack of touch.

There is a component to the remedy in which the negative state is one of aggravation and irritation. We can help those who fear touch or intimate gestures, to regain the natural comfort of being touched, reset the nervous system to receive touch.

There is another element, that of seeing where injury begins. The origin of the injury is quite often very early in life, and is merely reinforced throughout the organisms experience. This early injury, or imprint, continually occurs, in response to the signaling that is always taking place.

The first order of information we wish to share with you today is one of integration. The focus is often on specifics, and on parts. The whole can often be neglected by the Western mind –  liking to deconstruct further and further at all times. Much knowledge can be gained in this approach and method, but also much can be overlooked. The work we do together is to restore that which has been lost through the desire and focus on dissection – of data, knowledge, etc.

The perpetual focus on the minute can alter the ability to focus on the whole being, a sort of nearsightedness of the mind.

By regaining the ability to properly focus on the larger picture, and regain the ability to see how all the previously identified elements fit and work in a coherent whole – much more knowledge can be gained.

A challenge of your culture’s perpetual focus on details results in a distracted mind. The mind jumps from detail to detail, never grasping the connections which would illuminate the whole, allowing one to see the overview. This has implications for your society – for a people who never contemplate the larger truths are easily led and distracted.

The access we can offer is to the integration of circuits in the mind (and nervous system) that are constantly being overstimulated and are overrun with processing of data – without being able to take the “out breath” and to integrate all that has been taken in . 

Take this essence to slow down and integrate what has been taken in.

The action of our essence helps to reconnect, open and restore right functions to the energy channels beneath the skin.

There are a great many possibilities for these channels to operate at less than peak functionality, but our energies permit right flow no matter the reason why it is not optimal. You know these channels as meridians, but there are many names. The channels are energized by our vibration. Right flow is then restored.

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