Balloon Flower


The Balloon Flower Flower Essence offers a sense of hope and uplift to counter the challenges of life. This essence can give you energy to counter hopelessness and get moving again.



Balloon Flower | Flower Essence | Hope

Botanical Name: Platycodon grandiflorus

Family: Campanulaceae
Balloon Flower flower essence fact sheet

Message from Balloon Flower Flower Essence

There is an immediate lifting effect, a release from density. The sheer density of the plane you inhabit can be limiting to your emergence of consciousness. What we wish to explain is – the day to day existence, the physical challenge of moving, doing, working in this plane of density, with all the forces that counterweight your efforts – this can become overwhelming and burdensome. Now, keep in mind, this counterbalance is a necessary force, and truly valuable in keeping balance in the system. But, when the experience becomes excessively overbalanced towards density, it can inhibit growth, evolution and positive change. In these circumstances you need a wind at your back to help you along. This is the energetic effect we are able to provide.

There is another aspect to the remedy best summed up as hope. It is central to the balance and wellness of the being. There is an energetic in life that gives strength to those who have become tired, beaten down by their experiences and have a hard time envisioning improvement. This state can become chronic, and self perpetuating. Our essence can offer the energetic lift to counter this state, and create a level of momentum to get the individual started again.

No matter the challenging circumstances, there is always a possibility of improvement, a place to grow and develop. This energy can overcome the density of the situation so a light can be seen and hopelessness averted.

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