Floral Mist Gift Set


One each of the four Flora of Asia Floral Mists in a sturdy gift box. Treat yourself or a loved one – perfect for birthday or holiday giving.

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This gift set includes one each of the four Flora of Asia Floral Mists in a gift box.

flower essence and essential oil mists

The Floral Mists:

Centered – stability for stressful moments

Centered helps you come back to yourself, grounded and supported by the safety and stability of the forest. This formula is designed to support you in the most stressful situations, allowing you to stay in your center, respond calmly, and act from a place of clarity and balance.

Harmony – brighten shared spaces

Harmony helps create more pleasant and productive interactions at home and work. Mist generously around shared spaces for a lighter, brighter and more harmonious environment.

Peace – slow down, breathe, and restore

Peace helps you take a deep breath, slow down your racing mind, and access a quiet space within. Mist yourself and bring your focus to your heart. Taking even a moment to center yourself will guide your actions throughout your day and help you feel calmer and less stressed.

Uplift – lighten your mood

Uplift elevates your mood and lifts your spirits. It is perfect for times when you need to finish a tiresome task or find enthusiasm for the job ahead. Mist yourself, breathe in, and reset your mood for a brighter day.

Each bottle is 2oz, and delivers 400+ individual sprays of beautiful healing mist.

Only the highest quality pure essential oils are used in the creation of the Flora of Asia Floral Mists. The oil blends are carefully designed to enhance the energetic qualities of the flower essences so each mist envelops you in beautiful pure scent and brings you the pleasure of simply being.

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