Loss and Grief


A balm to the heart in a time of sadness, helping you develop a deeper understanding of the cycles of life.


Loss and Grief | Soothe the Heavy Heart

A balm to the heart in a time of sadness.

Loss and Grief may be a good choice for you if you feel:

  • sad or heartbroken
  • the deep loss of relationship, friend, home, pet, job, community, or lifestyle
  • unable to connect to happy memories
  • unable to accept what has been lost
  • hopeless about the future, as though all your good days are behind you
  • like the world is colorless and gray
  • unable to enjoy things you usually like
  • isolated, no one can understand you
  • as though you have exhausted people’s patience
  • like everyone has moved on and is tired of hearing about your loss

Flower Essences in Loss and Grief

  • Gigantea Rose – offers the experience of heart opening and compassion for self and others
  • Lavender Aster – a celebration for what was, with appreciation for what was learned and accomplished
  • Morrow’s Honeysuckle – accepting impermanence and the instability of life, finding a greater perspective and hope for the future
  • Schima – creates a place of peace in the middle of chaos or challenge
  • Soul’s Rose – accepting loss as a part of life, teaches you to fully embrace the experiences of both love and loss, not attempting to insulate yourself against loss by not loving fully
  • Yulan Magnolia – helps to keep the emotions and breath moving

Suggested Healing Intentions

I take comfort in the loving energies of Nature.
I find a place of peace within my heart.
My heart is healing with each passing day.
I find hope in the future.
I open my heart and am fully supported.

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