Support for when life is at its most difficult.


Despair | Find Hope in the Darkness

Support for when life is at its most difficult.

Despair may be a good choice for you if you feel:

  • hopeless or lost
  • there is no place for you
  • beaten down by life and can’t see a way out of your problems
  • no hope for the future
  • swallowed by grief
  • powerless to make decisions
  • a feeling of doom
  • disheartened by circumstances

Flower Essences in Despair

  • Balloon Flower – offers a sense of elevation and hope, a hand up when you are down
  • Chinese Emmenopterys – in an experience of great difficulty this essence helps you to find the perspective you need to get through
  • Illicium – an essence to give a sense of clarity and connection
  • Japanese Anemone – lifts the spirit and offers the possibility of joy in the middle of a difficult time
  • Sweet Chestnut – teaches you to soften into the suffering, release the need to control your experience, to be present with it rather than escaping into compensating or addictive behaviors
  • Wingthorn Rose – encourages you to keep going, not to get stuck in the darkness, to transform your experience into beauty and soul growth

Suggested Healing Intentions

I call on the renewing forces of Nature to heal my heart.
I am cradled in the loving energy of Gaia.
I am surrounded by supportive Nature energies.
I transform my experience of darkness into beauty and light.
I am connected to the wisdom of Nature and feel Her support.

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