Stay in your center during life changes.



Change | Maintain Your Balance

Stay in your center during life changes.

Change may be a good choice for you if you feel:

  • you want things to be what they are not
  • distressed by change around you
  • spun out and unstable during change
  • ungrounded or unsettled, unable to find equilibrium
  • resistant and unable to change
  • loss of emotional equilibrium

Flower Essences in Change

  • Artemesia – for releasing fixed ideas of how things should be
  • Chinese Anise – allow the reality of change, adapt to changes you don’t choose, making peace with things beyond your control
  • Giant Burnet – staying grounded and peaceful through learning to control your inner environment
  • Japanese Beautyberry – teaches harmonizing with the situation instead of fighting it, helps you find the ease in any situation, to focus on what is important and reduce overwhelm
  • Schima – peace and solace in time of turmoil, a second wind when worn out from life – encourages you to find the harmony within disruption, persevere despite setbacks
  • Schisandra – finding a sense of stability when everything seems to be changing – helps you find emotional equilibrium, know your limits and avoid overextending yourself

Suggested Healing Intentions

I feel safe in the world.
I am grounded and safe.
I grow deep roots and stay in my center.
I harmonize with change and accept what is.

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