Overcoming what was done to you so you can reclaim your power and faith in the future.



Trusting | The Wound of Betrayal

Overcoming what was done to you so you can reclaim your power and faith in the future.

Trusting may be a good choice for you if you feel:

  • you can count only on yourself
  • lacking friends or community – friendless and isolated
  • disconnected from others
  • waiting for something bad to happen
  • doubt in your own judgement
  • sure your relationships will always end badly and you will be betrayed again
  • fearful of being controlled

Flower Essences in Trusting

  • China Rose – offering your heart while maintaining boundaries of self-caring, healing the wound of betrayal and learning from the experience to prevent it from happening again
  • Harlequin Glorybower – offers a feeling of contentment, relaxation and joy in physical existence, helps release armoring and tension
  • Holly Grape – eases reactivity and “pricklyness” through learning to maintain your boundaries in a balanced fashion
  • Showy Lily – heals early wounding from harshness or lack of nurturing, this essence resets the set point of healthy and balanced love
  • Siberian Yarrow – helps you develop healthy boundaries while sharing space and interacting in community
  • Wingthorn Rose – releasing the idea or story about being the victim, engaging in the healing process, integrating the wisdom of the experience and using it in a positive way in your life

Suggested Healing Intentions

I open my heart within the protection of healthy boundaries.
I overcome my past, and use my experiences to positively shape my future.
I step forward with ease and grace to express trust, joy, and wisdom in my life now.
I set healthy boundaries and trust wisely.
I step forward in trust, and Nature supports and protects me.

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