Self | Care


Developing healthy boundaries and making time for self care so you can nourish others from a place of balance.



Self | Care

Developing healthy boundaries and making time for self care so you can nourish others from a place of balance.

Self | Care may be a good choice for you if you feel:

  • overwhelmed, depleted, over-scheduled, nothing left to give, empty
  • that you are always last on your list of things to do – you always put yourself last, everyone’s needs come before yours
  • you have trouble setting boundaries
  • resentful of your obligations but unable to make changes
  • you have a hard time expressing your needs to others
  • you are people pleasing at your own expense
  • have a hard time sticking to a diet, exercise plan, or regular self-care
  • difficulty making time to do the things that you know would be good for you
  • unworthy of taking time to care for yourself
  • you can’t do anything right or well enough
  • comparing yourself to others
  • hard time living up to expectations of others, feeling unworthy

Flower Essences in Self | Care

  • China Rose – teaches the setting of boundaries, encourages balanced self care as well as offering to others without expectation of return
  • Five Leaved Chaste Tree – finding your own individual path to health and self-care, realizing that you are unique and no one else’s plan or system will fit you precisely, learning to listen to your body wisdom to discover what is right for you
  • Himalayan Chestnut – balancing will and heart, releasing expectations of what others “should do” and the desire to control
  • Japanese Agrimony – caring for others at your own expense, peace making at the expense of your own peace, ignoring your own needs in an unsustainable way
  • Lady Banks’ Rose – knowing you are worthy of self care, deserving of love from yourself and the world
  • Siberian Yarrow – sharing space with others peacefully, learning to co-exist with others
  • Yeddo Hawthorn – influences the balance point between the heart and the ego, aids in lifting attachment into a purer energy of service and connection to others

Suggested Healing Intentions

I make time to take good care of myself.
My needs are important.
I am doing the best I can.
Taking care of myself is important so I can care well for my family.
I am able to give when I am nourished.
I take care of my body with healthy food, enjoyable movement, and nourishing rest.
I set healthy boundaries and offer only as much as I want to give.
I listen to my body.

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