Give | Receive


Offering your gifts to the world and being open to receiving abundance.



Give | Receive

Offering your gifts to the world and being open to receiving abundance.

Give | Receive formula may be a good choice for you if you feel:

  • impatient with your process, unable to manifest
  • you are not worthy of good things
  • contracted beliefs around money and abundance
  • you are giving more than you have or can afford to give
  • you are doing things because you “should” rather than out of a genuine desire to do
  • guilty that you are not doing enough, or guilty accepting things
  • jealous of the good fortune of others
  • unworthy of compliments, gifts, money or the help of others
  • stuck in your role as the fixer, afraid to be seen as the weak one, not self sufficient
  • afraid to show your weakness, that accepting help would be a sign of weakness
  • would rather die than become the person who needs help
  • unable to accept a compliment

Flower Essences in Give | Receive

  • Many-Flowered Rose – trusting that by offering your gifts to the world wholeheartedly the ones seeking what you have to offer will appear
  • Meadowsweet – co-creating in connection with all that is, developing patience with the process of manifestation in the physical realm
  • Okinawan Holly – recognizing your interconnection and interdependence with others, allows shift in perspective from fearing others and needing to protect oneself to sharing and being willing to give
  • Sikkim Crabapple – purity of expression/creation, clears distortions that keep you from manifesting or persevering with an idea until it comes to fruition
  • White Michelia – opens hearts to the “other”, the outsider, those who are not of your group or family, allowing you to see them as fellow beings with the same wants, desires and needs as yourself, eases hostility and fear-based state of acting to protect territory or possessions
  • Yeddo Hawthorn – influences the balance point between the heart and the ego, aids in lifting attachment into a purer energy of service and connection to others
  • Yellow Jasmine – knowing when to work and when to rest and integrate

Suggested Healing Intentions

I am worthy.
I give as much as I feel good about, and no more.
I gratefully receive help from others.
I open to the experience of abundance in my life.
I am patient and trusting in the process of manifestation.
I release all limiting beliefs about money and abundance.

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