Inner Temple


Inspires devotion to your growth and a greater connection to purpose.


Inner Temple | Tend Your Spirit

Inspires devotion to your growth and greater connection to purpose.

Inner Temple may be a good choice for you if you feel:

  • you have a hard time slowing down to meditate or making time for your spiritual practice
  • it is hard to connect to Nature or the world of spirit
  • un-compassionate to yourself or others
  • disconnected from your intuitive side
  • you want to deepen your connection to your spirit
  • aware of something and wanting more – like something is on the edge of your vision

Flower Essences in Inner Temple

  • Delavay‚Äôs Tea Olive – enhances presence and mindfulness
  • Kousa Dogwood Bud – strengthens your connection to Nature and the world around you
  • Little Cerato – enhances a clear connection to your Higher Self
  • Matsu Purple Sandalwood – teaches you to slow down to develop a sense of oneness and connection with the world
  • Schima – helps you hold the experience of stillness and balance in chaos or shifting times
  • Sweet Michelia – inspires devotion to your path and inner development practice, an aid to developing kindness and compassion for self and others

Suggested Healing Intentions

I am connected to my true purpose.
I feel compassion for myself and others.
My intuition grows stronger each day.
Connecting to Nature and the world of Spirit comes naturally to me.
I devote myself to my spiritual practice.

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