Blue Evergreen Hydrangea


Useful during threshold experiences to release patterns that no longer serve us, blocking growth and forward movement. For looking deep within and recognizing false concepts and beliefs that are no longer true for us.


Blue Evergreen Hydrangea | Flower Essence | Release Patterns

Botanical Name: Dichroa febrifuga

Family: Hydrangeaceae
Blue Evergreen Hydrangea flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Blue Evergreen Hydrangea Flower Essence:

Our medicine is not for the faint of heart. We carry a powerful vibration of healing potential, and often show up in conjunction with what you term a healing crisis. For when the soul is in this threshold state great change can take place. When all is calm, there is no crisis, nothing needs to change. But when the walls come crashing down, now we have an opportunity for real transformative change. These crises are orchestrated by your higher self, even if they look to be caused by outside forces. Our mission is to support the burning through of resistance, when the time has come to move forward. We are not a “take a little off the edges” remedy.

This topic of transformation is illustrated by your legend of the phoenix. However not all transformations are so outwardly drastic or dramatic. The transformation we can support is deep within the soul, within the most private places. It can even be described as the deep dark secrets that we form our psyches around. If you were to give this up, what would you have left? It is a symptom of your kind to think that you would be destroyed, obliterated this way, by releasing these concepts of self. The true self is a radiant being, pure light and energy. All the beloved traits you consider to be the unchangeable, important or defining parts are merely wallpaper in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t serve you to be attached to them.

Our remedy is for looking within your soul and releasing false concepts – releasing beloved wounds and compensating beliefs you have held in this incarnation – and to connect with the truth of your being, the radiant being of light you truly are.

We carry strong medicine. The decision to take our essence must be made in this spirit – not as an attitude of “let’s see what happens” – it must be taken seriously. With this attitude, great shifts can take place.

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