Baby Rose


Baby Rose Flower Essence soothes an anxious heart, helping you feel greater connection to your community.


Baby Rose | Flower Essence | Connected Hearts

Botanical Name: Rosa multiflora

Family: Rosaceae

Message from Baby Rose Flower Essence

Our essence will be restorative to the heart forces in general.
This simple impact does a world of good for all beings. Truly, is there not a joy deficiency in most?
The heart forces are much in need of tending. A disconnected culture creates unhappiness, a sense of anxiety comes from feeling alone. You are in need of connection all the time, even when you choose to sit in solitude.

Friendship is important for all beings. Did you realize having friends goes across all life? Just as you have friends, and animals have friends, we in the plant kingdom have friends too. We are often observed growing with other species, and we do it for mutual benefit. We work together to thrive, but we also find joy in the companionship as well.
You see, we can also be friends, you and I. We can offer each other appreciation and companionship, spreading love and delight in our interactions.

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