Amur Linden


Amur Linden Flower Essence supports a calm, still heart.


Amur Linden | Flower Essence | Calm Heart

Botanical Name: Tilia amurensis

Family: Malvaceae

Message from Amur Linden Flower Essence

Our form is notably symmetrical and graceful, is it not? We please the eye, and still the disturbed heart. Our presence brings a peace and stillness. Calm and cooling qualities descend.
Our essence serves to bring a quiet still joy to the center of your being. Patience is encouraged, a space of calm is created. Outside forces, events will not disturb the still pond within your heart.

For as we encourage a clear still heart, we enable clear thought as well. When the mind is stilled, the heart may connect to the truth of being, and guide wisely. The being may now follow the “dictates of Heaven”.
This state can become a guiding light, to direct your energies in service to your purpose, avoiding unnecessary detours that waste energies.

This uproar, right in the middle of your chest, this is our area of action.
The insecurity you feel, the loss of knowing, our energies counter this state.
You need not worry, your path is true. Be still, this sensation you note has meaning for you. As you feel the queasy discomfort, also note the spaciousness around the sensation. This feels a bit like stepping out into space. But realize, you have not stepped out into space without any reason. This step must take place. Like a seed dropping from the tree, the leap must take place. The landing is yet unknown, but the action happens first. It is part of the process of growth, the next stage of development.
How can you feel shepherded as you step through this gateway? It is a big question. For no matter what support you must have, the choice, the decision is in your hands.

We embody the grace of shade in summer.
In a warm time, we protect you from the impact of heat.
The energy is not cooling at all, but a moderating influence.
Life is always an adjustment to changing circumstances – during a phase of expansion, of stretching, exertion, growth – we provide the moderation, the release of excess heat, to balance what might otherwise be unhealthy.

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