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Creating a healing intention or affirmation can be a profound way to connect to your Flower Essences and amplify their effects.

I work with each client in my consultation practice to craft an intention statement that speaks straight to the heart, inspires and uplifts, and creates a container for change.
I feel strongly about the benefits of healing intentions, and encourage you to incorporate them into your journey with Flower Essences. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started. You may find one that is just right, modify it a little, or create your own entirely.

I encourage you to pick an intention that feels uplifting but also attainable.

Intentions that are too lofty tend to make you feel worse, and set off your “BS meter”. You want to have an intention that feels true, even if aspirational.

How to Create Your Healing Intention

A powerful healing intention is clear, concise, and speaks directly to the heart.

Avoid language that keeps you up in your head; speak instead to your senses and feelings. Creating a statement that has a sense of vitality will inspire you and lift your energy. Take your time and allow your Spirit to guide you to an intention that resonates deeply.

How to Use Your Healing Intention

I recommend writing your healing intention out, ideally on an attractive card or colorful piece of paper, and place it where you will see it often. You may want to put it on your altar, on your desk, on the refrigerator door, your mirror, or anywhere you can see it regularly.

Each time you take your Flower Essences, take a moment to reflect on your intention, to breathe, and be open to healing and change.

Read it out loud so your whole body hears and resonates with your intention.

Suggested Healing Intentions

You will find suggested healing intentions on each of the FloraTherapy™ formula descriptions. These have been created to highlight the topics of the formulas, and can be used as templates to create your own, or used as they are if they feel good to you.
I often use “I” statements in my healing intentions. This is a powerful way to make a strong statement that resonates with your entire being.

Example Healing Intentions

I am patient and trust that my path will become clear.
I feel compassion for myself and others.
My intuition grows stronger each day.
I overcome my past, and use my experiences to positively shape my future.
I am perfect, whole and complete.
My heart is healing with each passing day.
I harmonize with change and accept what is.
I claim the courage and power to move forward into my future.
I am connected to the wisdom of Nature and feel Her support.
My life is full of fun adventures.
I call on the healing forces of Nature to help me love myself.
I step forward with ease and grace to express trust, joy, and wisdom in my life now.