Other ways to use Flower Essences

The most common way to use flower essences is to take them internally, taking drops by mouth, either under the tongue or in water. This is the most direct route to benefit from taking flower essences, but there are other, equally effective ways.

  • Essences may be used topically. This application is wonderful for infants, the infirm, and for animals. People who are highly sensitive often prefer this method as well. Because flower essences are a form of vibrational or energy medicine, any way they enter your energetic field will be of benefit.
  • Add flower essences to misting bottles to make sprays. You may keep a bottle handy to mist around your body, your environment, your car…the possibilities are nearly endless. This is an excellent way to benefit from essences as you navigate stressful environments. Animals enjoy having essences sprayed on their bedding, in their living environments, and often like to have the mist gently waft over their bodies. You may add a few drops to water in a misting bottle, adding 10% vodka to preserve the water.
  • Put a few drops in a fountain to shift the energy of a room quickly.
  • Add drops to your shampoo or body wash to provide a boost to your cleansing ritual. Essences with protective qualities make excellent choices to enhance your feelings of safety and comfort as you go out in the world.