Mandala of Flower Essence Combination Formulas

Each of these Flower Essence combination formulas has been carefully crafted to offer support and balance as you navigate life passages. You may choose to take more than one formula at a time, chosen from different areas of the mandala. The formulas are designed to complement one another. For instance, you may wish to heal life-long feelings of shame by taking the Innocent formula while developing more balance in your work and self-care schedules with Balance III Work and Rest formula.

The Flora of Asia combination formulas are grouped to make it easy to choose. The Foundations of Wellness formulas address wounds from the past, the Centering Formulas help you cultivate balance in your life, Alignment Formulas support you in your intentions, and the Harmony Formulas empower you to navigate challenging passages.

Foundations of Wellness

Healing the Past: Heal your earliest and deepest wounds to help you become stronger, more resilient and able to fulfill your goals and dreams.


The Wound of Abandonment

Helps you create a safe haven within, grounded in your body and protected by the benevolence of Nature.


The Wound of Shame

Connect to your original innocence and the absolute purity of your true nature.


The Wound of Betrayal

Overcoming what was done to you so you can reclaim your power and faith in the future.

Centering Formulas

Connection, Creation and Restoration: Cultivate balance in your life through mindful attention to what is most important.

Self | Care

Taking Good Care

Develop healthy boundaries and make time for self care so you can nourish others from a place of balance.

Give | Receive

Offering and Allowing

Offer your gifts to the world and open to the offerings of others.

Work | Rest

Balancing Working and Relaxation

Learn to balance your energy output with necessary restoration and relaxation to maintain optimum health.

Alignment Formulas

Creating Your Future: Work towards your highest intentions, in your inner and outer life.

Inner Temple

Tend Your Spirit

Devote yourself to your path and personal evolution.


Live Your Values

Work in alignment with your values and make a difference in the world.

Harmony Formulas

Weather the difficult passages in life with grace and balance.


Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

Allow yourself to let go of self-defeating patterns or non-serving beliefs that get in the way of your happiness.


Find Hope in the Darkness

Support for when life is at its most difficult.


Maintain Your Balance

Stay in your center during life changes.

Loss and Grief

Soothe the Heavy Heart

A balm to the heart in a time of sadness.