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Welcoming Fall with Flower Essences | Class at Gathering Thyme

Learn how Flower Essences can help support you as the season shifts from the expansive energy of summertime towards the quiet reflection of winter. Fall is the midpoint as the energies change course, flow inward, and create an opportunity to review the growth of the year.

Class Saturday September 14th, 2019
$45 pre-registered, $50 at the door
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Gathering Thyme
1447 4th Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

In Chinese Medicine, Autumn is the season of the Lung, and the affiliated emotion is grief. Fall can stimulate an emotional reckoning of the losses that take place in all lives, whether you have lost a loved one, or have lost an old way of life by graduating, moving or changing jobs. Every change is a type of loss, and flower essences can help you heal on deep levels so you can integrate your experience into a wiser self.

Topics will include:

Understanding the seasons through the lens of Chinese Medicine

Recognizing the shifts in our bodies and spirits as the seasons change

Flower essences specific to the season – essences for grief, loss and change

Acupressure points to support healthy flow of qi and benefit the Lung